Retail and Town

Centre strategy for

North Uttlesford

Garden Community

Bidwells was instructed by our client Grosvenor to prepare a retail and town centre strategy to deliver appropriate retail and leisure uses for a new 5,000 home Garden Community in North Essex. The strategy included provision for a new local centre and three neighbourhood centres supporting a range of retail and leisure facilities to serve the new Garden Community.

 What we did


  • Reviewed the extent and nature of existing centres and retail provision within the area along with the planning policy context for the proposals

  • Established the likely retail, service and commercial leisure capacity and qualitative needs arising from the catchment and the potential market demand

  • Analysed the retail context and expenditure capacity to determine the potential retail requirements in the new community allowing for needs of the local area, within the parameters of the existing hierarchy



  • Supported the local authority in progressing the North Uttlesford Garden Community site allocation through the local plan process

  • Delivered a town centre and neighbourhood centre strategy that could help create a vibrant and sustainable community, without adversely affecting the existing centre hierarchy

  • Influenced the master planning process to include retail and leisure provision for the community at the heart of their local centres, delivering services as well as providing commercial opportunities and employment



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