for merrys farm, cambridgeshire

Bidwells obtained residential planning consent for a listed barn and a very dilapidated 'Piggery’ contrary to policy.


What we did

  • We came up with the idea for how to produce a beautiful new home for our client, whilst being able to realise the capital from a part sale to fund the project and provide net profits

  • We proved to the planning authority that the ‘Piggeries’ was still structurally sound enough to be ‘worthy of retention’ for conversion. Only the primary structure remained and in very poor condition

  • We used a ‘work and live’ theory to help overcome the LPA’s objections to the proposal and the requirement for one affordable housing unit of the two

  • We fully designed both conversions and sold the ‘black barn’ with consent

  • We managed the construction process of the ‘Piggeries’ conversion within budget and produced a greater net profit than budgeted for the client.



  • Obtained consent through the planning committee against the recommendation from the LPA

  • Obtained support from the Parish Council and local ward member of the committee to aid this

  • Avoided the need for affordable housing or any commuted sum payment

  • Sold the ‘black barn’ at above guide and managed construction for the client of the ‘Piggeries’ within budget

  • Fulfilled the client’s dream of their idyllic conversion with beautiful countryside views, thorugh funds from the sale of the ‘black barn’ and produced a net profit.


The Bidwells RDD team were the only consultants we could find who thought he had a chance of getting us the consent we wanted – everyone else said there was no point in even trying, as the Piggery was falling down! The RDD team pulled off exactly what they sought to achieve on our behalf – we are absolutely delighted!

Jane and David Rolph
Owners and Operators, Merrys Farm
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