Refurbishment Works

Bidwells was retained to design and administer the refurbishment of parts of a multi-tenanted building at Carlyle House, Cambridge in order to modernise it for marketing.


 What we did

  • The property was left in a dilapidated state by the previous occupier and part of our brief was to establish the necessary works to refurbish and modernise alongside completing the Dilapidations works 

  • We competitively tendered and managed the works to ensure they were appropriately procured and completed in order to protect the client financially, when settling the overall Dilapidations claim

  • We carefully programmed the works to ensure that the Contractor could commence on the day of receiving vacant possession from the previous tenant in order to mitigate the length of the potential void period for the Landlord



  • By liaising with our office agency team, Bidwells were able to design an interior space suitable for immediate occupation by an incoming Tenant. A letting was achieved midway through the 8 week project

  • By receiving a cash settlement for the Dilapidations, the Landlord was able to make a capital contribution to the budget and receive back a modern office suite in place of a dated 1980’s space with minimal disruption to other tenants

  • Through the Dilapidations result, which this refurbishment played a part in, Bidwells are retained to act for this Client on the property and others in the Cambridge area



value of refurbishment


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