Redwood Farm

Pig Rearing Unit

Redwood Farm has developed since the mid-1970s and is nationally renowned for its top-quality pure-bred pedigree stock. The farm comprised several buildings and structures of varying age and design, which developed in an ad-hoc way. It was a successful 250 sow pig breeding unit with around 2,600 pigs.

The proposed development was to replace the existing structures with an entirely new state of the art piggery to accommodate 2,000 breeding sows and up to 2,998 pigs.

What we did

  • Coordinated, advised and worked closely with the client and technical teams to ensure the EIA process was integral to the development of the detailed design proposals, helping to identify a design solution which provided environmental and commercial gains

  • EIA works included nitrogen deposition modelling of impacts onto protected ecological sites (SSSI), and multi-staged odour and noise impact modelling and mitigation identification

  • Prepared and submitted an ES Addendum to address design changes as a result of consultee responses


  • Planning permission received in six months
  • The project delivers several benefits including investment in the local area and increases in local food production

  • Environmental benefits include reductions in odour, a reduction in traffic movements, and net biodiversity gain, all due to the improvements  on the site

6 months
to receive planning consent, substantially better than average


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