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Planned maintenance instruction to inspect of all properties, including external elements, common parts and mechanical and electrical installations to advise on a 10 year maintenance strategy. Reports were required in six weeks to inform the client’s budgeting. The instruction was extended to producing predicted life cycles for principal elements, such as roofs and windows. A team of seven surveyors were used.

What we did

  • Process of the works.
    - Inspected all properties within the prescribed timeframe including arranging access at a mutually convenient time.
    - Collated the relevant information and  prepared a report with consistent costings and layout.
    - Adapted the report format to meet the client’s specific requirements.
    - Presented the report to principal stakeholders.

  • Advised the client of potential liabilities and the budget for maintenance. Without this advice, the client would not have been aware of potential liabilities and would under budget for maintenance.



  • Inspections and reports were completed on time for presentation to the main board.

  • Our report format was user friendly and assisted with prioritising tasks.

  • The accuracy and consistency of our reports provided an increased level of trust.

  • We had a good working relationship with the client and they appreciated the quality and timeliness of our work.



properties in 15 locations across England

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