Papworth Everard
Village Assessment

FOr Varrier Jones Foundation (VJF) and the Papworth Trust (PT)

This Village Assessment was prepared for two clients with significant land holdings in the village, to better understand future development potential in and around the village.  Particular attention was given to supporting the health and wellbeing of village residents.


 What we did


  • Analysis of population, housing, community infrastructure, open space and employment opportunities in the village

  • Critical review of opportunities against expected capacity and quality standards

  • Local health profile

  • Assessment of clients’ landholdings in terms of their theoretical development capacity and suitability for future uses, undertaken in conjunction with Bidwells UDS team

  • Devised a future development strategy for the clients’ land holdings that balanced their charitable obligations with wellbeing and economic objectives



  • The evidence backed development strategy was used to support submissions for Greater Cambridge Local Plan site allocations.


Papworth Village Assessment

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