Outline Consent granted at appeal for the erection of up to 141 dwellings at Land at Long Street Road, Hanslope, Milton Keynes.


What we did

  • Prepared a Significance Assessment to understand the relative significance of the extant heritage assets

  • Undertook an Impact Assessment which reviewed the effect that the proposed scheme had on the setting of the Grade I and II listed buildings

  • Provided design advice to ensure the proposals were sympathetic to the surrounding historic environment


  • Outline Consent granted for 141 dwellings. This outcome demonstrates:

1. the importance of clearly articulating the relative significance of an asset and how setting does or does not contribute to it

2. understanding the quality and extent of its setting and how development might affect it

3. working with design to mitigate any impact

4. presenting and assessing impacts accurately and robustly



The Inspector considered a number of issues including the effect of the scheme would have on the setting of the village of Hanslope and the significance of a number of designated heritage assets including a Grade II listed farmhouse, which looked directly over the land, and the wider setting of the Grade I listed Church of St James the Great.

The Inspector referred to the Bidwells’ Heritage Statement throughout his consideration of the heritage assets. It was determined, in line with our assessment, that there would be a ‘less than substantial’ impact on the significance of the identified assets. This was balanced against the public benefits brought about by the scheme and the appeal was allowed.


Proctor Chartered Surveyors Land at Long Street Road Hanslope

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