To co-ordinate and manage the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the strategic expansion of the Norwich Research Park.


What we did

  • Prepared the Environmental Statement to accompany an outline planning application to secure the approval of up to 99,166 sq m (GIA) of offices,laboratories and academic space for principally research and development activities, and buildings for health and health related uses

  • Identified the key environmental issues associated with the project

  • Prepared an EIA Scoping Report and negotiated/agreed scope of EIA with Local Planning Authority and its statutory consultees

  • Engaged with the local community and key stakeholders to identify environmental issues to be incorporated into the scope of the EIA

  • Managed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the scheme and co-ordinated the production of the Environmental Statement (ES)

  • Co-ordinated, advised and worked closely with the client, design and technical team to ensure the EIA process was integral to the development of the outline proposals, clearly defining the key parameters against which the assessment was based, for the 20-30 year expansion of the Norwich Research Park

  • Worked with the project lawyers to deliver a legally compliant and robust EIA process.


  • Bidwells put forward a robust ES, and through consultation on the application, provided further environmental information, culminating in a unanimous approval of the scheme at South Norfolk Council’s Planning Committee

  • The EIA process undertaken and the consent achieved, now sets the development blueprint and parameters for the future development of the Norwich Research Park

  • The EIA process as an integral part of the project’s development, allowed likely significant environmental effects to be identified to the project team at the earliest opportunity, which resulted in many being avoided or minimised, with the consequence of avoiding expensive mitigation, saving the client and the project money

  • This outline consent has now seen the development of two health related buildings on Phase I of the Park’s expansion.



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