New Mushroom Farm

and Renewable Energy Plant


Bidwells managed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the scheme and co ordinated the production of the Environmental Statement for an innovative mushroom farm and an adjacent (2.5MW) anaerobic digestion plant.


What we did

  • Identified the key environmental issues associated with the project.

  • Prepared an EIA Scoping Report, and negotiated/agreed scope of the EIA with the local planning authority and its statutory consultees, and kept under review/updated as project parameters evolved.

  • Engaged with the local community and key stakeholders to identify environmental issues to be incorporated into the scope of the EIA.

  • Co-ordinated, advised and worked closely with the client and the design and technical teams to ensure the EIA process was integral to the development of the detailed proposals, and their development from its feasibility.



  • Working closely with our renewable energy team, Bidwells put forward a robust environmental statement, culminating in approval of the scheme by East Cambridgeshire District Council, despite considerable local opposition.

  • The EIA process is an integral part of the project’s development, allowing likely significant environmental effects to be identified to the project team at the earliest opportunity, right from scheme feasibility through to final design. This resulted in many impacts being avoided or minimised, with the consequence of avoiding expensive mitigation, saving the client and the project money.

  • The scheme is now constructed with the 2.5MW anaerobic digestion plant providing an on-site renewable energy source for the new mushroom farm with residual energy exported to the National Grid.

  • The scheme also incorporates two 1.5MW biomass boilers to meet heat requirements of the mushroom farm.




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