The Urban Design Studio has developed master plan proposals for this site within a rural South Cambridgeshire village.  

Comprising 10 new dwellings, this master plan vision is in support of an outline application to enable the removal of the existing business located on the site to a new and lawful site outside the village.

The master plan has been developed to react to its village edge location, with farm-yard style clusters of dwellings in rural materials sited within a network of public and semi-private open space. This open space includes a proposed Environment Agency corridor to allow management and monitoring of North Ditch, with upgrades to an existing Public Right of Way through the site. 


What we did

  • We prepared a conceptual master plan comprising 10 dwellings ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms in a rural village edge location, in coordination with Highways Engineers and Ecologists.
  • Consultation with South Cambridgeshire District Council.
  • We prepared a Design and Access Statement, expanding on the proposed master plan in support of the outline application.
  • We worked collaboratively to achieve an outline planning permission with Bidwells Cambridge Planning Team. 








  • Outline planning permission granted, enabling the client to relocate their business to a lawful site outside of the village.
  • Provision of new public open space including:

- An additional 0.34ha of publicly accessible open space has been provided, upgrades to the existing Public Right of Way, and additional parkland along North Ditch.
- Creation of a 0.21ha Environment Agency easement to facilitate maintenance and monitoring of flora and fauna along North Ditch.
- Provision of 0.36ha of new semi-private green space for proposed dwellings along North Ditch. 
- Maintained and enhanced views from adjacent open countryside through the selective location of trees and hedgerows to shield proposed dwellings. 




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