Mixed rural
Estate Management 

for The Wilbraham Estate

Bidwells has been managing this mixed rural Estate for over 30 years. Totalling approximately 526 hectares (1,300 acres), it comprises in-hand and contract farming operations, residential property portfolio, a solar park (approx. 150 acres) let on a lease for 30 years, a let shooting school, let shooting rights, let horse grazing land and commercial units.

 What we do


Over the last five years, a major project on the Estate has been the solar park where Bidwells:

  • Provide ongoing day to day and strategic management for the family-owned Estate
  • Identified the option for a renewable energy scheme
  • Negotiated and drafted the lease of 150 acres of land for the Solar Park
  • Agreed on a lease for a term of 30 years
  • Established income comprising a base rent (annual reviews, linked to RPI) and a bi-annual top-up payment linked to turnover
  • Re-structured internal family tenancies to ensure a fair result for all parties
  • Provide taxation advice



  • Smooth relations between family members living on the Estate and members of the local community

  • Cohesion between different sides of the family, with different aims and objectives

  • Increased overall Estate income, as well as a diversified income

  • A solar park annual income approximately six times that of standard agricultural land



Mixed-Use Rural Estate



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