Island Site
Park End Street, Oxford

Initial Heritage Assessment, including a preliminary Significance Assessment. The project identified the relative heritage value of the existing buildings, an initial appraisal of residual significance and the scope for adaptation. The final document is intended as a guide for potential purchasers.


What we did

  • Bidwells Heritage team were instructed to undertake a site visit and to assess the heritage value of the extant buildings within the Island Site

  • By undertaking this Initial Heritage Assessment, we were able, at an early stage, to identify the opportunities and constraints of four different development options for the site. These options were for; internal works only; infill development; roof extension/ replacement (with three sub options) and; demolition and redevelopment of part of the site

  •  As part of this, we were able to allocate a level of risk associated with each of these proposals to help guide potential purchasers






  • The involvement of the Bidwells Heritage team resulted in opportunities and constraints of the scheme being identified at an early stage, allowing potential buyers and design teams to respond positively with proposals

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