Bidwells proposed that the main house on the Goodnestone Park Estate should be refurbished and let to provide high-end holiday accommodation. Bidwells subsequently managed the project from start to finish.

Goodnestone Park

What we did

  • In 2013, the main house at Goodnestone Park Estate became surplus to requirement for residential use

  • The rural team researched different options for the house, including whether to sell, let long term, or refurbish the property for holiday accommodation; the most attractive proposal was the latter

  • A business plan was drawn up which covered the due diligence of possible competitors, funding options, how the project would be managed, the costs and possible tax implications, and the impacts on the Estate’s Heritage Scheme

  • Bidwells project management then took the project forward, with the rural team continuing to play a pivotal role, liaising with the client and looking after the funding arrangements

  • Bidwells managed the build and brought an external marketing team in to produce an original and high-quality brand for the venue

  • Bidwells also utilised external contacts, to introduce a reputable holiday lettings agency, to ensure the finished accommodation was to be let through the right channels

  • The refurbishment was completed during summer 2016 and the house has already received excellent feedback from its first visitors, and there are already numerous bookings in the diary well into the next year

  • The venue has also been featured in the Times and now has a brilliant new website showcasing the fantastically renovated house and gardens


  • Bidwells considered all other options available to the client, providing support and evidence for the most attractive proposals

  • Bidwells provided a comprehensive service to the client, with different internal teams working closely together and, when needed, external contacts were brought on board to provide expertise and additional services

  • The Estate is now home to a beautiful and fully refurbished house which is a standout feature on the Estate which is able to provide a long-term income stream for its owner.


Bidwells has ably assisted and facilitated actions throughout this project starting with the establishment of the goal to refurbish a neglected Georgian Mansion to become a high end holiday let with a well established procurement procedure of all services and the excellent project management of the works programme. In addition they helped with fund raising and taking on of staff for the project as well as advising on marketing and letting, which is ongoing and remains a challenge. It has been a great pleasure to work with your team, all of whom had the best of intentions and commitment to the outcome.

Julian FitzWalter, Goodnestone Park

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