Former Police and Ambulance Stations
Church Street, Epsom


Demolition of the twentieth century police and ambulance stations to enable the development of a retirement community. The proposed development includes a new building of 3-7 storeys, 60 apartments, communal facilities, car parking, private and communal outdoors amenity space. The application site is in close proximity to two conservation areas and several statutorily and locally listed buildings

What we did

  • We provided a Heritage Statement to support the planning application

  •  Assessment of nearby built heritage assets, including contribution made by their setting and their relationship to the site. We were able to identify those assets which are more sensitive to development on the site, and demonstrate how the proposed development had been designed to respect them

  • Analysis of views and surrounding townscape to highlight appropriateness of a seven-storey building, and the benefits such a development could bring to the townscape through replacement of buildings of no interest.






  • Following positive engagement with planning officers to design a high-quality scheme which will provide important community facilities, the full planning application was submitted and validated in February 2020.

Heritage 7

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