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for Howard Ventures

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Surveys can be undertaken on properties of varying types, uses and in varying degrees of repair. 

The maintenance period can be altered to suit the strategic needs of the building owner or manager.

What we did

  • Undertook planned and preventative maintenance surveys of external areas across two sites, owned and managed byan existing client.


  • By taking a pro-active approach to the maintenance of an asset, there can be significant financial savings for the party responsible for maintenance and upkeep. This is achieved through identifying any potential problems before they manifest themselves or cause consequential damage to other assets. Furthermore, it allows for works to be procured cost effectively and in a timely manner in comparison to a more reactive approach to asset maintenance.

  • The team were able to holistically appraise the condition of all external areas including ancillary buildings in order to ascertain when maintenance is likely to be required, the extent of maintenance required at different intervals, and provide budget costs for undertaking the required works. We were then able to produce a schedule per site which identified items for maintenance on an element by element basis which provides individual projected yearly costs over a 10 year period.

  • The documents produced allow for clear and predictable budgeting for the client, and act as a useful tool for ongoing maintenance of assets over a given period.

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