A consortium led large scale residential development site, in the village of Easton, to deliver up to 890 new residential dwellings with associated community benefits including new village heart to include an extended primary school, new village hall, retail store, public open space and new allotments together with associated highways works.


What we did

  • Advised landowners on land assembly as well as marketing and disposal strategy of land to residential developers.
  • Worked with a wide range of landowners to secure a comprehensive residential development which will deliver a large number of new units.
  • Worked alongside project managers to deliver a large scale residential development opportunity to the market place.
  • Maximised the value of the consortium’s landholding by virtue of a planning consent being obtained and the capital receipts that will be generated.








  • A large scale residential development consent of 890 units.

  • Added value to the Consortium landholding through planning consent.

  • Significant wider community benefits will be generated including extended primary school, new village hall, food store, public open space and new allotments.

  • Significant generation of capital receipts will be generated in due course once the land has been sold to a single or a number of residential developers.



new residential dwellings with 17% affordable housing contribution.



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