Dilapidations Schedule

University of Cambridge

Following the preparation of an initial Schedule of Dilapidations, Bidwells carefully coordinated the dilapidations works to ensure that the landlord’s claim was clear and evidenced, which enabled full recovery of this loss.  

What we did

  • Prepared a schedule of dilapidations, identifying all disrepair and breaches of the lease that the client had with Microsoft

  • Coordinated a team of specialist sub-consultants to interrogate all elements of the building to present an accurate claim to Microsoft, the former tenant

  • Engaged with Microsoft’s professional team to settle all dilapidations matters

  • Worked as part of the client’s project team to ensure that all works attributed to dilapidations were carefully identified, and that evidence was gathered to support the claim

  • Without Bidwells involvement, it would have been difficult for the client to prove their loss, potentially prohibiting the recovery of their rightful loss from the former tenant.



  • A carefully drafted Schedule of Dilapidations was prepared and evidenced before lease-end. The university was then able to enter into a works programme to put the building back into repair, enabling them to merge two university teams into the building

  • The dilapidations surveyor worked closely alongside the project team to monitor all dilapidations works which were encompassed, recording variations with evidence that enabled a robust Quantified Demand to be produced and presented to the tenant once the works had completed

  • This diligent approach ensured that the university recovered all its dilapidations loss, and had a building fit for purpose for years to come.




of the Landlord's loss was recovered


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