Dilapidation Matters 

Unit 162

for Trinity College, Cambridge

Bidwells provided advice and oversaw the dilapidations process of a 10,000 sq ft laboratory building on Cambridge Science Park to ensure that the tenant understood and complied with their repairing liabilities at lease end.

What we did

  • Inspected and compiled a detailed schedule of dilapidations based upon an assessment of the breaches in the tenant’s repairing obligations in advance of the expiry of a short term five-year lease to ensure that the tenant was aware of their obligations

  • Coordinated a specialist team of surveyors and M&E consultants to ensure that the claim fairly reflected the disrepair and alterations which the tenant was responsible for when they vacated the property



  • Clear and early interaction with the tenant and their advisors provided the opportunity to have the works completed before lease expiry 

  • A clear understanding of the potential claim and the future use of the building prevented a drawn out negotiation process after the tenant had handed the building back 

  • The landlord was able to put an in-repair laboratory building back on the open market at lease expiry, rather than incur a delay to the process whilst the building was repaired



10k sq ft

laboratory building

 Trinity college unit 162 dilaps

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