Delivery of 1,600 houses
on the edge of Cambridge


Over a period of 18 years Bidwells has worked with the landowners to promote the land, find a promotion partner, gain planning permission and set up a disposal strategy.

Development site in North West Cambridge to provide 1,600 dwellings, a primary school, a mixed-use local centre, including retail space and green infrastructure. Future phases are also in discussion with the local planning authorities.

A small part of the site has been developed but the first significant phase should have houses for sale in Summer 2018.


What we did

  • Initially, the landowners did not wish to have a promotion partner and therefore Bidwells gave strategic and planning advice directly to the landowners


  • As the project became more expensive the landowners decided to appoint a promoter and Bidwells were engaged to find that promoter and agree formal collaboration and promotion terms

  • We continued to do the planning work but also monitored the promoter as promotion and applications were made

  • Bidwells were heavily involved in the negotiation of the Section 106 agreement and other land matters

  • A phasing and disposal strategy has been agreed with the promoter which will be implemented over the next 8/10 years

  • Throughout the process Bidwells have been mindful of the client’s requirements in that property is not the primary concern of the various landowners and therefore the strategies for the site need to compliment other agendas.








  • Bidwells achieved the allocation that the landowners desired albeit part of the site is within South Cambridgeshire District Council and that allocation is still at Inquiry
  • A planning permission which maximises the value of the property has been achieved at little cost to the landowners.

  • The promotion agreement is on very good terms for the landowners and enables a strong negotiating position with the promoter

  • The planning permissions are market orientated, they are not just permissions, they are permissions that truly maximise the value of the site

  • The disposal strategies have been structured so as to compliment the business plans and requirements of the landowners consortium.



land value in the region



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