Crisp Maltings
Great Ryburgh, Norfolk

Prepared and submitted three major planning applications for the comprehensive masterplanning and expansion of the Headquarters of Crisp Malting Group, at Great Ryburgh, Norfolk.

What we did

  • Developed a planning strategy to secure the long term future of Crisp Malting Group Headquarters at Great Ryburgh by delivering a comprehensive masterplan of redevelopment and expansion across their landholdings

  • Masterplan included for their operational expansion needs as well as complementary community facilities and infrastructure.

  • The overall project was split into the following three components which covered:

    1. Increase in short term warehouse and silo storage capacity
    2. New HGV access road to reduce lorry movements through the village, and facilitate the proposed increased expansion of the maltings
    3. Community infrastructure, including

  • 50 residential units, community facility and public open space

  • Extensive pre-application consultation with the Local Planning Authority, statutory consultees and local community over a period of 3 years to refine the proposals, including engagement with the Neighbourhood Plan Group

  • Coordination/production of Environmental Impact Assessment.

  • Environmental sensitivity of the location has resulted in careful analysis of the proposed development impacts

  • Complex and controversial planning history has been of key consideration in formulating the proposals, and the production of a robust suite of planning applications.


  • Three applications covered by a suite of supporting technical reports, including an Environmental Impact Assessment for the whole project is currently being considered by the Local Planning Authority


Crisp Maltings Gt Ryburgh

Crisp Maltings Gt Ryburgh 2



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