Church House Farm, clifton upon teme
Brockhill Estate

Consents obtained for conversion of existing curtilage listed buildings into three dwellings and eleven new build houses in a sensitive location.

Project also provides the funds to restore other listed buildings at risk on the estate

What we did

  • Provided strategic advice on the potential options for this historic farmstead with Listed farmhouse and curtilage Listed agricultural buildings, together with more modern buildings, covering approximately five acres.

  • The buildings and farmhouse were of little use in modern farming and in poor disrepair. However the costs of converting the buildings to residential, to ensure they are put to a use which will secure their future, would be more than the end value of the dwellings

  • Church House Farm is located on the edge of a ‘growth village’ with substantial services and so was considered a sustainable location for residential development, albeit the site is outside the Development Framework and thereby contrary to policy. There are a substantial number of additional historic buildings in other locations on the Estate in poor repair (some of which are on the ‘Listed Buildings at Risk’ Register), which require significant works to ensure they do not deteriorate further. However many of these were in more ‘unsustainable’ locations, meaning residential development would not be appropriate at those sites.



  • The team came up with the idea of ‘Enabling Development’ whereby, in addition to the conversion of the traditional buildings, we proposed 11 new build houses, sensitively designed around the original farmstead, to provide the funds for the ‘conservation deficit’.

  • The receipts will be used to protect the buildings at Church House Farm as well as those elsewhere on the Estate, whilst also providing a profit for the Estate, allowable under Enabling Development.

  • Facilitated the extraction of the farming use in order to free up and preserve the buildings at Church House Farm and ensured there was no conflict between residential and agricultural uses on the site as well as to fund works on other sites.

  • Detailed planning consent and Listed Building Consent achieved

  • Planning permission also achieved for a brand new farmstead including farmhouse, cottage and new farm buildings away from the site, contrary to planning policy.

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