Bidwells was instructed to coordinate and manage the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Centenary Woodland, a visitors’ centre, pathways and memorial area on behalf of The Woodland Trust. 

The proposals form part of wider future proposals to plant 200,000 trees to form a Centenary Wood, commemorating WW1.

What we did

  • Prepared the EIA Scoping Report and agreed the scope with the local planning authority and its statutory consultees 

  • Defined the key parameters against which the assessment was based 

  • Engaged with the local community and key stakeholders to identify environmental issues to be incorporated into the scope of the EIA 

  • Coordinated, advised and worked closely with the project teams to ensure the process was integral to the development of the proposals


  • The EIA process was an integral part of the project’s development. This allowed likely significant environmental effects to be identified to the project team at the earliest opportunity, which resulted in many being avoided or minimised. As
    such, expensive mitigation was avoided, saving the client and the project money 

  • Under Regulation 22, managed subsequent requests for further information to the timescales to enable the application to be approved at the earliest opportunity 

  • The planning application was approved at the first two planning committees



new trees to be planted


The Woodland Trust2

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