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Bidwells was retained to represent the client in dilapidations matters to ensure that their office floors within a multi-tenanted building at Carlyle House, Cambridge was returned in full repair at lease expiry.

What we did

  • Inspected the building early and compiled a detailed and accurate schedule of dilapidations, identifying the tenant’s likely repairing breaches under the lease and any necessary remedies. This was then updated and served at expiry

  • Designed the refurbishment and took into account the potential supersession, of which the client was aware, and adjusted the claim accordingly to ensure a fair and accurate schedule was served on the tenant

  • Competitively tendered and managed the works to ensure they were appropriately procured and completed in order to protect the client financially



  • The client recovered the full cost of the original dilapidations claim from the tenant, where not superseded by the modernisation of the office suite

  • The building was put back into full repair in a modern condition in order to enable the space to be re-let on completion of the refurbishment, which mitigated all void periods for rental and business rate charges

  • By receiving a cash settlement and completing the works, the landlord was able to make a capital contribution to the dilapidations budget and receive back a modern office suite in place of a dated 1980s space

  • Bidwells were retained to act for this client on various other properties




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