Anaerobic Digestion Plant
and Mushroom Farm

G's Group

The G’s Group is Europe’s leading fresh produce company. Bidwells was instructed to undertake a feasibility study for anaerobic digestion (AD). Alongside this the client was looking at developing a large mushroom farm. The UK is under 30% self-sufficient in mushroom growing. Mushroom farms have a high energy demand and so we advised developing the projects on adjoining sites, so energy could be supplied by the AD plant.

What we did

The Bidwells cross divisional team advised throughout the feasibility, planning and development process to ensure the project was a success. This included:

  • A feasibility study to determine whether AD was an appropriate and viable venture

  • Production of investment models to analyse return from different sites and capacity of the plant

  • Site selection which included considerations such as feedstock availability and land available for digestate distribution, planning policy and energy use/export opportunities

  • Assistance with technology selection

  • Preparation and submission of planning application, including local consultation

  • Support with environmental permit application

  • Engineering and project management Support


  • The project provides G’s with a diversified income and a solution for vegetable outgrades as feedstock as well as an opportunity to reduce their reliance on wheat as a break crop. The introduction of other crops in to their rotation and having a guaranteed price for these reduces the impact of the volatility of wheat prices on the business

  • The addition of the new mushroom facility introduced an energy user for a good proportion of the heat and electricity generated by the AD plant, increasing the value compared to exported energy. The resulting digestate displaces synthetic fertilisers to grow more crops

  • The AD plant has insulated the business from the risk of future rises in energy and fertiliser costs, significantly increased its sustainability credentials and provided a solution for waste


renewable energy Gs group2


165 tonnes

of mushrooms
produced each week

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