Bellerbys College list image2

Planned Preventative Maintenance Report, Bellerbys College

Bidwells was instructed to inspect all Bellerbys College Campuses to report on teaching and accommodation buildings in a consistent format.
Racing Welfare PPMs list image2

Planned Preventative Maintenance for Racing Welfare

Planned maintenance instruction to inspect of all properties, including external elements, common parts and mechanical and electrical installations to advise on a 10 year maintenance strategy. Reports were required in six weeks to inform the client’s budgeting. The instruction was extended to producing predicted life cycles for principal elements, such as roofs and windows. A team of seven surveyors were used.
Trinity College 406 List image2

Planned Preventative Maintenance, Trinity College Cambridge

Following on from the dilapidations process and subsequent refurbishment of the buildings, Bidwells advised on the likely works and expenditure required to maintain the building over the next 15 years.
CCLA Wellbrook Court list image2

Cat A Refurbishment, CCLA Investment Management

Bidwells provided advice and oversaw the detailed design and CATA refurbishment of a 10,000 sq ft office space, set over two floors, following on from the successful negotiation and settlement of the dilapidations with the outgoing tenant.
NW Bicester smaller2

North West Bicester

Bidwells is providing strategic development appraisal, leasing and project management advice on three commercial centres containing shops, medical, B1 offices, pub and food, day nurseries and community uses.
Trinity college unit 162 dilaps list image2

Dilapidation Matters Unit 162, CSP for Trinity College, Cambridge

Bidwells provided advice and oversaw the dilapidations process of a 10,000 sq ft laboratory building on Cambridge Science Park to ensure that the tenant understood and complied with their repairing liabilities at lease end.
Howard Group Dilaps Advice list iamge2

Dilapidations Advice for The Howard Group

Bidwells provided advice and oversaw the dilapidations process of a 40,000 sq ft industrial shed to ensure that the Llnt sum commensurate with the remaining liabilities.
ppm 1 little2

External PPM Surveys for Howard Ventures

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Surveys can be undertaken on properties of varying types, uses and in varying degrees of repair.
Cambridge University Press 3

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Having recently amalgamated their two sites onto a single campus (for circa 1,800 staff), the client initially concentrated on the internal refurbishment fit-out works and needed to understand the ongoing external maintenance of the building fabric.
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