henry goodfellow
Graduate urban designer

What do you enjoy most about working for Bidwells?

Well it has been said before, but it is so true - the people.  This goes right across the board, through all departments that I have been working with on various projects. from the close knit Urban Design Studio family I am part of, right through to the wider planning and heritage teams based in Cambridge and beyond.

What’s your biggest career achievement to date?

From an academic sense it would be the completion of my MA with the continued path toward attaining my chartership status as a Landscape Architect. As a direct career achievement gained here at Bidwell’s, it would be the fact I have had a hand in the design of various high profile projects. Some of these project are now nearing the construction phase, so the prospect of being able to physically see the teams designs come to life will definitely be proud moment.

Why should other graduates consider Bidwells as a career choice?

The supportive nature of Bidwells really makes you feel appreciated. The sense you are an individual and not just a number or a small cog in the large machine gives the ability to make a real difference - directly within your team and/or the company as a whole. 

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