Suzi Green

What stands out for you in terms of work you have completed so far in your career?
At Bidwells you are given the opportunity to get involved in large-scale and strategic work that you just wouldn’t get the chance to be involved with at other companies when just starting off in your career. Milton Keynes is right at the heart of big changes in the planning world with substantial growth planned all across the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Corridor.

Bidwells is heavily involved in developments in this corridor and from this comes lots of interesting and strategic work. For example, I have had a chance to do strategic mapping of all the major infrastructure and development allocations across the Oxford-Milton Keynes- Cambridge Corridor.

Why should someone start their career with Bidwells? 

Bidwells puts a focus on giving you the skills and opportunities to progress in your career. I have been given support and training to learn through the Grad Scheme. I have a team that I work alongside on a daily basis which invest their time into helping me learn. I have a department that shares knowledge and I have had the chance to work alongside through cross-office collaboration. Being based at a regional office I also have a whole office which get me involved in cross-sector opportunities and widen my understanding of the property market as a whole.

What do you enjoy most about working in Milton Keynes? 

Milton Keynes is an exciting place to live and work. We have a really lively and friendly office in Milton Keynes. You can make a tea in the kitchen and have a chat with someone from a different department about their work or what they have planned for the weekend.

We have happy half hour at the end of each month where we all gather around with snacks and drinks and just have a catch up with everyone as well as other office events such as bake sales and walks. The people that work in the Milton Keynes Office make the Milton Keynes Office.

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