Rosanna Fraser 
Graduate Rural Surveyor

Why should someone start their career with Bidwells?

Bidwells is a great firm in which to start your career. The whole firm works together to help and support one and other making you feel welcome and part of the team from day one.  Bidwells also offers support and training opportunities to help you navigate the APC process as well as develop your professional career. 

What stands out for you in terms of work you have completed so far in your career?

To date, I have been given responsibility for the day to day management of 3 large Scottish Estates. My line manager provides a great deal of support and encouragement whilst allowing me the opportunity to carry out a huge variety of work. 

What do you enjoy about working in Perth?

Perth is a wonderful part of Scotland in which to work. Not only is Perthshire home to some of the best arable land in Scotland, the landscape is also home to some of the most harsh and remote hill land. This provides a great variety of work and a very different set of challenges making each and every day different to the one before. 

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