Lettings Fees

Fees Apply to Residential Lettings - Bidwells LLP has prepared this summary to advise you of your costs relating to a tenancy.


Normally six weeks' rent, returnable at the end of the tenancy, subject to there being no breaches of the terms of the tenancy.

Administration Fees

Assured Shorthold Tenancy: £250.00 per property
Credit check: £50.00 per person
Guarantor fee: £75.00 per person

Company Tenancy: £350.00 per property
Credit check: £100.00 per tenancy

Tenant renewal fee: £48.00 per tenancy
Tenant Amendment fee: £350.00 per amendment
(Alternation to your tenancy i.e. change of tenant)

Tenants Early termination fee: £500.00 per tenancy
(Breaking your fixed term early)

Check out fee
(inventory costs) to be deducted from deposit at the end of the tenancy

Studio: £138.00 unf / £156.00 furn
1 bedroom: £150.00 unf / £168.00 furn
2 bedrooms: £174.00 unf / £198.00 furn
3 bedrooms: £216.00 unf / £252.00 furn
4 bedrooms: £240.00 unf / £276.00 furn
5 bedrooms: £300.00 unf / £348.00 furn
6+ bedrooms: to be advised

These are non-refundable fees and are inclusive of VAT.


References are undertaken by an external referencing agency and are subject to a minimum four day waiting period. A tenancy will not be formally offered until we have received satisfactory references.


The first payment of the rent, deposit and professional fee should ideally be paid by bankerís draft. If the payment is to be made by cheque, then a period of at least four working days should be allowed to ensure that the cheque has cleared before the tenancy commencement date. Please note that we cannot release keys until we have received confirmation that cleared funds have been received. Thereafter, payment of rent must be made by standing order.

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