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Our research, which has earned an enviable reputation for the quality of our market data and commentary, provides clients with valuable insights and helps their own market analysis and strategic planning process.

Each sector research programme has now become an industry benchmark which provides specific data, as well as an analysis of key indices, growth and a concise market commentary.

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The research also enhances our own Partners' understanding of the sectors we focus on.

If you have a specific interest in a particular sector or market segment, please use the filter below. This will provide you with a specific research report on the sector you require.

If you have any question at all, please contact the Bidwells Communications Team.

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  • Cambridge and Oxford BioPharma Clusters

    A major piece of research, which involved a comprehensive analysis of the biopharma clusters in Cambridge and Oxford. In addition to providing data about the trends driving demand for property in the biopharma sector, the study also highlights the key issues that could affect the growth of the clusters.

  • Planning Commentary Spring 2016

    This latest edition of the Bidwells’ Planning Commentary presents a reality check on housing development whilst also considering some of the many issues associated with Brexit. We also scrutinise some of the housing and planning challenges facing the new Mayor of London.

  • Business Space Data Book Spring 2016

    Bidwells' Business Space Data Book has identified some key trends including total return for the calendar year coming in at 13.8% ahead of both the equity and gilt markets, prime office and industrial rents have grown by 9.5% and 5.6% respectively and an increasing level of interest from investors in 'alternative' property.

  • Planning Commentary Autumn 2015

    The recent Autumn Statement and Spending Review provided a forceful reminder of how central the housing market has become in the thinking of the new parliament. A raft of fiscal initiatives is being introduced in a concerted attempt to further stimulate access to the purchase market and encourage a dramatic increase in new provision.

  • Agri-Investment Index Autumn 2015

    Bidwells is pleased to release the fourth edition of the Bidwells Agri-Investment Index (BAII). The BAII tracks the investment performance of agricultural property assets throughout England, but with a strong bias towards the arable east.

  • Residential Commentary Autumn 2015

    With the General Election now fading in the memory, the housing market has resumed its upward trajectory, with development, investment, pricing and construction all moving ahead at speed.

  • Retail and Leisure Data Book Autumn 2015

    Welcome to the Autumn edition of our Retail & Leisure Data Book. The retail sector has been through a difficult period but sentiment is beginning to change, with rents growing and confidence returning.

  • Business Space Data Book Autumn 2015

    Welcome to the Autumn edition of our Business Space Data Book. The first half of 2015 has built upon the promise that was shown in the latter half of last year and the market dynamics are set for exciting sector returns this year.

  • Food and Drink – Focus on Poultry – Summer 2015

    In this focus report, Bidwells Research presents an overview of the sector from both an economic and property market perspective. Poultry represents a highly dynamic and competitive industry with a unique property market identity.

  • Contract Farming Results Spring 2015

    Each year, Bidwells publishes results from its portfolio of farms managed on contract farming agreements.

  • Building Trends Spring 2015

    In the immediate aftermath of the General Election, the UK economy appears to be in broadly good shape by both historic and international standards. In consequence, confidence levels and investment volumes in the property sector are trending upward and development and construction are likewise rising in many centres.

  • Planning Commentary Spring 2015 – Election Special

    As we approach the General Election, planning and development, most especially in relation to the housing market, are at the forefront of the national conscience and uppermost in the minds of all senior politicians. It is fair to say that the outcome of the Election will, in no small part, be directly influenced by planning policy. With all parties committed to a dramatic increase in the supply of housing, ongoing scrutiny, reform and intervention in the planning system are inevitable.

  • Retail and Leisure Data Book Spring 2015

    Welcome to the latest Retail and Leisure Data Book. The past 12 months have continued to be difficult for the retail market but prospects look brighter for the year ahead. We look forward to answering any questions you may have that arise from our analysis of the markets in the Bidwells region.

  • Business Space Data Book Spring 2015

    Welcome to 2015 and to our new look Business Space Data Book. We hope you find the changes helpful in your understanding of our markets and we certainly look forward to hearing from you with any questions that may arise from our analysis.

  • Residential Commentary Spring 2015

    The UK housing market clearly entered the next upward cycle in 2014. Whilst rates of growth differed across the country and local market conditions created varying levels of supply and demand, development activity, investment and prices all increased just about everywhere.

  • Building Trends Data Book Autumn 2014

    As this year has progressed, the economic environment has steadily improved and this has underscored a marked upturn in optimism and activity in most parts of the property sector.

  • Agri-Investment Index Autumn 2014

    Bidwells is pleased to release the third edition of the Bidwells Agri-Investment Index (BAII). The BAII tracks the investment performance of agricultural property assets throughout England, but with a strong bias towards the arable east.

  • Perspectives on Planning Autumn 2014

    Perspectives on Planning focuses on how we can meet the need for housing and the barriers that may prevent this. It includes articles on: Localised Garden Cities, A revitalised and increasingly institutionalised private rented sector and Release of publicly owned brownfield land

  • Retail and Leisure Data Book Autumn 2014

    The Commercial Retail and Leisure Sector improves on the back of the economic recovery and the retail sector continues to stabilise as the economic recovery gathered momentum

  • Business Space Data Book Autumn 2014

    The continued momentum in the occupational market has ensured a strong start to 2014, with take up being maintained at the levels set in the previous 12 months and the renewed interest from investors pushing up overall returns.

  • Residential Commentary Summer 2014

    In this edition of the Residential Commentary, we outline recent trends, examine key markets and assess the overall health of the sector which is being driven in the main by the economic renaissance.

  • Agri-Investment Index Summer 2014

    Bidwells is pleased to publish the second edition of the Bidwells Agri-Investment Index (BAII). The BAII tracks the investment performance of agricultural property assets throughout England, but with a strong bias towards the arable east.

  • Agribusiness Contract Farming Results Summer 2014

    Despite the long, cold and wet winter, which badly affected the 2013 harvest, Bidwells’ analysis of contract-farming agreements shows that returns proved reasonably resilient. The data in this publication is drawn from farms managed by Bidwells on contract-farming agreements.

  • Building Trends Data Book Summer 2014

    In this edition of Building Trends, we are at last able to offer a resoundingly positive property market outlook as economic growth takes hold and the country accelerates strongly away from the downturn and fully five years of commercial and fiscal turbulence.

  • Perspectives on Planning Spring 2014

    In this edition of Perspectives on Planning we consider recent development activity and likely trends this year and beyond. We also look at the growing tensions in the planning system in England and how these will play out over the next 12 months – the 12 month period culminating in the General Election in May 2015.

  • Retail and Leisure Data Book Spring 2014

    The latest edition of Retail and Leisure predicts the start of the revival in the retail property market. Although too early to call the turning point in the market, prime A rents increased in most of the main high street markets being tracked by the Bidwells during 2013.

  • Business Space Data Book Spring 2014

    The second half of 2013 will be seen as a turning point in the UK property market, with investment activity showing a marked uptick in the latter half of the year and the levels of occupier activity also improving across most markets in the Eastern Region.