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Realising the potential of natural assets

Bidwells delivers market-leading services to clients wishing to explore forestry and renewable energy technologies as a source of income.

Our integrated team has deep expertise, offering insights into producing timber sustainably and implementing new energy technologies, from hydroelectricity to biomass energy, as well as established sources such as onshore wind. Our experience will enable you to make confident, informed decisions.

We work across the UK with a diverse range of clients, from the Forestry Commission to investors, farmers and landowners. Whether you’re interested in the profitable returns available from forestry and renewable energy, or are a landowner keen to diversify into this area, we have the people and experience to support you across all areas of agency, investment and management.

Some of the ways we can help with forestry and renewable energy projects:

  • Strategic advice and management oversight
  • Performing investment appraisals

  • Feasibility studies and technology selection

  • Purchasing, sales, negotiations and valuations

  • Strategic planning advice and preparation/negotiation of planning applications/permissions

  • Tenders and due diligence 

  • Advising on tax, grant scheme and management regulations

  • Connection to the National Grid

  • Advice on price-modelling, feed-in tariffs and incentives

  • Options, leases and wayleave agreements

  • Rental management

  • Coordinate and manage the assessment of environmental impacts
  • Project management and construction

  • Tree crop compensation and habitat management

  • Supporting energy projects and providing energy for rural communities


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