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Our view on Norfolk/ Suffolk Business Space

Bidwells report on Norwich/Suffolk commercial property trend data, detailing the growth of the tech cluster, office space demand, rent increases and industrial sector growth. Read more here.

Our view on Scotland's Energy Strategy

The draft Scottish Energy Strategy is expected in early 2017. This comes at a time when exciting developments are taking place in the renewable energy market about economic challenges and mixed priorities in the wider UK policy environment.

Our view on Resilient Residential - Cambridge

The Cambridge residential market continues to be one of the strongest in the country. We analyse the data in real estate sales, new housing projections and population growth. Read more here.

Will Heigham - My view on Cambridge clusters

Cambridge is becoming one of the most important research clusters with a lineup of global brands already in occupation, making use of the increased amenity in the way of a new square, extended railway station, shops, cafés, restaurants and hotels

All aboard the Varsity Line

Our research examines the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Corridor and the implications and other important issues relating to water, energy and housing.

Life in the Golden Triangle

A focus on the property trends in Life Sciences in Cambridge, Oxford and London

Retail and Leisure Data Book Autumn 2016

Food is now the driving activity for high street and out of town retail and leisure. The arrival of ‘Superfast’ food is a new concept – aimed at providing quality meals in a much reduced time.

Our view on Business Space – Autumn 2016

Bidwells' business space data book (Our view on Business Space) has identified some key trends with reports showing Bidwells' markets are the fastest growing in the UK.

News from Scotland – Summer 2016

Our newsletter covers a range of topics from best-practice to property laws and issues.
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